After Six - 6773

Full length dress with v-neck marquis lace bodice over lux chiffon. 5/8" grosgrain bow belt at natural waist always matches dress. Lux chiffon modified circle skirt. Dress available solid.

Bodice - Marquis Lace - Colors

Ivory, Blush, Suede Rose, Midnight (Dark Blue), Burgundy, Rose-Pantone Rose Quartz, Black, Platinum, Cameo, Oyster

Skirt - Lux Chiffon - Colors

Ivory, White, Blush, Dusty Rose, Suede Rose, Periwinkle-Pantone Serenity, Windsor Blue, Cornflower, Silverstone, Larkspur, Lavender, Midnoght (Dark Blue), Concord, Sofia Blue, Majestic, Regalia-Pantone Ultra Violet, Wild Berry, Ruby, Aubergine, Bordeaux, Claret, Pantone Honeysuckle, Posie, Tutti Frutti, Merlot, Valentine, Burgundy, Sienna, French Truffle, Rose-Pantone- Rose Quartz, Topaz, Desert Rose, Peaches and Cream, Carnation, Passion, Tahiti, Saphhire, Sailor, Royalty, Tangerine Tango, Citrus, Buttercup, Kiwi, Punch, English Rose, Smashing, Dahlia, Stormy, Black, Mocha, Charcoal Gray, Jade, Spa, Coastal, Cloudy, Mist, Platinum, Frost, Taupe, Icelandic, Celadon, Palomino, Cameo, Oyster, Seagrass, Vineyard Green, Hunter, Hampton Green, Pantone Emerald, Enchanted, Moondance


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